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Oregon Vermouth & Dessert Wine

In the early 1900s our little valley was home to a mill and a community of millworkers, farmers, timbermen, and railroad crews. The schoolhouse was built under the oaks and families built their lives on the banks of the Marys river. George Harris operated the mill and his wife Ivy cared for the community that surrounded it. With her axe at her side, whether an axe to grind or one used to build, she weilded it with strength and ferocity: to splinter a moonshine barrel or to bravely raise up a schoolhouse and its many children. Ivy's axes reveal a strength and determination that we admire.

Now, as the town is gone to ghost and only a few homes and their cattle and forests remain we have dusted off and taken up Ivy's axe... this time to build a dream.

As Ivy's Axe members you are helping to build this dream with us.
Thank you!


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